About Me

Fuyuan, born in the 1980s, is from Suzhou, Anhui. He is an amateur photographer, designer, programmer, excavator driver, and IT worker. He graduated from Dawangzhuang Design Institute, Xiaowangzhuang Photography Institute, Muzhuo Computer Repair College, and Royal Brewster Excavator College. He previously served as the vice captain and cook of the second photography team in Xiaowangzhuang, specializing in low shutter speed photography of moving objects and flashless photography. He participated in the design of the family planning propaganda board in Xiaoliuzhuang and the filming of the opening ceremony of the first bath center in Xiaowangzhuang, called "Heaven on Earth" (currently closed for renovation). He worked as an operations and software development personnel for a Fortune 500 company (resigned after accidentally deleting the main database). He also worked as an excavator driver for the demolition team in a city's old town renovation project (ran away after accidentally causing a nearby electric pole to tilt). He is in debt for millions and currently wandering in Hangzhou, making a living by fortune-telling and palm reading for women on the street.

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