Going to leave hometown.

I'm leaving my hometown, writing something to forever remember her... No matter what happens in the future, at least the me who left my hometown is pure. Please always remember the pure me when I left my hometown... (This article was written and edited by Wang Fuyuan, aiming to express nostalgia, longing, and reluctance! September 5, 2010, night)

==========Main Text==========
The beauty of heaven and earth is silent, and the seasons have their own reasons. For the love of my hometown, it is like the boundless water of the old Yellow River, although there are no ripples on the surface, but that love still exists deeply in my heart.

The beauty of my hometown is not the delicate and beautiful style of the south of the Yangtze River, nor the rough beauty of the northwest. My hometown has no small bridges and flowing water, nor deep mountains and dense forests. There are only thousands of acres of pear trees and farmhouses with rising smoke.

In spring, the freshly awakened earth has no signs of life, but the white pear blossoms are eager to hang on the branches. Thousands of pear trees bloom, and the sight is snowy white, which is quite spectacular. In summer, my hometown is full of vitality. The wheat harvest is at the right time. The old and the young work hard, sweating profusely but still persisting to the end. The grains are stored in the granary, what a fruitful year. In autumn, it is the busiest time of the year. The pear town is full of joy. The golden pears hang on the branches. Foreign merchants come in an endless stream. The people of the pear town are all smiling and happy, with harmonious laughter everywhere. Winter is the time for busy people to rest. The leaves of the pear trees fall from the branches and cover the ground with a thick layer. If it snows, it will be even more beautiful. People can see thousands of pear trees blooming at once. The beauty of my hometown is indescribable, and the reluctance for my hometown is endless. However, I still have to leave, even though I have countless reluctance, I still have to leave this place that gave birth to me.

I will go to Wuhu, to fulfill my dream of going to college, carrying the hopes of those who love me and those I love, to find my dream. College life will be full of ups and downs, there will be many temptations, and many things will happen. It will be colorful, with magnificent rainbows and thrilling thunderstorms. The prosperity that cannot be seen in a different place is full of dreams and longings. And will I still think of my hometown when it is quiet at night? The answer is yes, I will, always.

At this moment, tears always overflow, the light of longing shines through the window, and the silver warmth is sprinkled on the bed of childhood. The unreachable place is called a distant place, and the name that cannot be returned is called hometown...

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